Rethabile Matela

Rethabile Matela, Owner of Prosperity Productions in Lesotho

Restless over offerings in the market, she decided to apply herself to be the change she wants to see. 

Rethabile went from being a College Admin Staff, to cleaning for an events hall, a bank teller, to being a boutique assistant, all the while with an incessant  itch to fulfil her passion: DIY projects without borders...

Her bags are unique for their edgy, earth tones, and incorporating the Seshoeshoe print, which is categorically one of the heritage symbols of Lesotho.

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

Keneuoe Masitha

Missus Items

Keneuoe Masitha is an artist by profession, possessing an impressive ensemble of skills. 

Her dexterity extends to batik art, tie & dyes, weaving, sewing, knitting, beadwork, pottery, wood carving, drawing, design, really she’s a star. 

She draws her inspiration from her surroundings, most prominently from her childhood in the modest village of Kolonyama, where she was raised alongside 10 other siblings.

She currently resides there whilst multi-tasking in her craft to contribute to the extended family set-up as an aunt, sister and help of the home.